In the Press!

Jill's work has been published in the following magazines:

The Best of Quilting Arts Nov 2011 - 'Florabundance'

the best of Quilting Arts florabundance

Quilting Arts Dec/Jan 2011 - 'Textile Technique Book'

Quilting Arts magazine front cover textile tag book

Cloth Paper Scissors Nov/Dec 2009 - 'Floral Gift Tags'

front cover Cloth Paper Scissors  tags

Cloth Paper Scissors Sept/Oct 2009 - 'Trendy Bendy Brooches' - Curl, coil, and bend pipe-cleaner embellishments

Cloth Paper Scissors cover textile brooch

Quilting Arts Gifts - Holiday 2009-2010 - 'Hand Cuffed and Crafted' - Embellished and embroidered bracelet and 'Silk Paper Pockets' - Perfect pouches for presents

Quilting Arts Gifts cover embroidered cuff silk paper pouch

Quilting Arts Aug/Sept 2009 - 'Ethically Ethnic Cuffs' - Asian-inspired, richly embroidered accessories that won't cost the earth

 Quilting Arts Aug/Sept cover embroidered cuff

Quilting Arts June/July 2009 - 'Florabundance' - An embellished and embroidered patchwork paper collage

 Quilting Arts cover stitched paper patchwork panel

Stitch Apr/May 2009 - 'Off the Cuff' - Embroidered Textile Jewellery

Stitch Feb/Mar 2009 - 'Have A Heart'  - Free machine embroidered hearts

    embroidered hearts

Stitch Oct/Nov 2008 - 'What a Gift!'  - Embroidered plastic canvas boxes

  embroidered boxes

Stitch Aug/Sept 2008 - ''Reflected Glory' - Mirror and Pouch, transfer printed machine embroidered


Sewing World Oct 2007 - 'Candy Pink Cuff' - Free machine embroidered cuff and brooch



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