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Creative Textile Workshops with

Jill Amanda Kennedy 


stitched textile vesselstitched textiles 

Jill has been teaching creative workshops in the South West of England for more than a decade.  She has extensive experience and knowledge about a wide variety of creative textile, mixed media and machine embroidery workshops.  

To find out more about her workshops, please email Jill and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and workshop news.

Introduction to Creative Free-Machine Embroidery - One day workshop

Free-machine embroidery - also known as free-motion embroidery - is an exciting sewing machine technique with endless uses.  It is easily learned, immensely creative and very addictive! Learn how to use your sewing machine to draw with stitch, in a free way, guiding the needle to embroider your own patterns, create stitched textures, embellish surfaces and thread sketch, with total freedom. Learn how to layer, stitch, and embellish fabrics by combining metallic, silk and rayon threads with colourful, plain and textured fabrics, to create wonderful original textiles.  An all day workshop that is sure to inspire creativity and leave you wanting more!  

Jill Amanda Kennedy

Wired Whimsies - Stitched, Gilded & Wired Fairy-Tale Mini Sculptures -2 day Workshop

A magical workshop indulging your inner princess, creating and crafting a fairy-tale world where gold leaf and glass mingle with metals and mother of pearl and where lace lingers on linen and silk sits on satin. Fairy-tale whimsies is an enchanting class where crowns and coronets, angelic wings and wired angels sit among dainty slipper sculptures and heavenly hearts and hoops. Lots of crafting skills come together such as, sculpting wire, machine embroidery, gilding, and more, on this spellbinding course, ending in gorgeous, whimsical objects to treasure and take home.

Stitching on Solubles - Creative Textile Jewellery using Soluble Fabric & Stitch - One day workshop

Using sewing machine techniques and water soluble fabric we shall construct a unique material from which to make one-off pieces of textile jewellery. Luscious hand and machine sewing threads are combined with small snippets of other fabrics to create a really rich surface, which is further embellished with beads and hand embroidery.

Dyeing Fabric for Textile Art - one day workshop

We shall spend a whole day playing with colourful, cold-water dyes to transform a variety of fabrics, textured yarns and threads, lace and ribbons. Colourful effects and marks can be created on the fabric, using simple tying and resisting methods.  This fabric stash can then be used in all your home décor, dressmaking and textile projects such as patchwork, quilting and machine embroidery.

.dyed fabrics and threads 

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